Hey, There’s a British House of Cards; No, Another One

The Spectator and some game Westminster MPs put out a good-humored spoof of House of Cards — the American House of Cards, that is, not the original British version from the mid-90s.

HoC purists long ago binge-streamed the Ian Richardson version (which itself was based on a novel), but the new Netflix-produced melodrama has crisper production values and a much darker hue (for a nice analysis of the difference between the two, click you here). The spoof, which is really a subscription promotion, does end with the original’s famous line, “You might very well say that; I couldn’t possibly comment.”

The Spectator’s video doesn’t quite match the zip of the show’s time-lapse intro, but it sure nails the gauzy power-based metaphors. “Power is a lot like real estate,” London’s real-life mayor intones. “It’s location, location, location.” Quite!

Watch below, via The Spectator:

[Image via screengrab]

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