High School Pal Pushes Back on Fox & Friends: ‘Not the Brett Kavanaugh We Knew’


The information wars continue.

The latest chapter focuses on the current controversy surrounding the sexual assault allegations of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, and the women who love him.

Some context: In light of the accusations from 35 years ago that have called into question Kavanaugh’s confirmation — and created lots of fodder for cable news discussions — a letter of support from 65 women who hold the Supreme Court nominee in the highest regard was put forth, remarkably shortly after the accusatory letter was introduced by Senator Diane Feinstein.

Enter one such Kavanaugh pal, Meghan McCaleb, was featured this morning in an interview on the decidedly pro-Kavanaugh (and President Trump fave) program Fox & Friends. Not surprisingly, McCaleb had only lovely things to say about her old private school pal and said that it was very easy to rally five dozen female supporters of Kavanaugh’s nomination from the small community of fellow private school attendees.

Host Ainsley Earhardt guided the character witness who told her host that she couldn’t believe it when she heard of the accusations and “immediately knew we had to rally around and support him because that was not the Brett Kavanaugh we knew.” She added  “Bret was a friend of ours in high school and to this day. He was always respectful. Always decent. Never out of control in any way. And always, always treated women with respect.”

Some have questioned how quickly the letter of support came together so shortly after the once anonymous accusatory letter was released, which McCaleb explained simply:

“We are a very small community in Washington. That letter came from five or six different girl schools. Women that knew Bret growing up in high school. And it was easy to come about. Texting a few friends, they texted friends. And it was very simple to gather that number of people in support of Bret’s character.”

The conspiracy theorists who believe the supportive letter was drafted ahead of the release of the allegations can now pass their tin foil hats to a new set of conspiracists who see a cabal of private school attendees from Suburban D.C. eager to see one of their own in one of the nine most powerful judicial seats in the nation.

Deep State anyone?

Watch the clip above, courtesy of Fox News.

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