School Valedictorian Who Recited Lord’s Prayer Describes ‘Awesome’ Moment On Fox: ‘I Was In Tears On Stage’

Liberty High School Valedictorian Roy Costner IV garnered attention recently after he nixed his prepared remarks at his school’s graduation ceremony and recited The Lord’s Prayer instead. The move drew huge applause from the crowd — and Costner joined Megyn Kelly on Fox News on Friday to speak about it.

Asked about how it felt, Costner described the moment as “awesome.”

“I was in tears on stage from joy,” he told Kelly. “I didn’t expect an outcome like that…I had goosebumps all over.”

Costner also spoke to Kelly about the approval process for the speech, during which he was told he was not allowed to discuss God in any way, regardless of religion. But Costner “felt it was necessary” especially amid efforts to get religion out of schools.

Not understanding the move, Costner said there had been no complaints about inclusion of religion before. His move at the ceremony, he said, was something he’d planned after praying.

Asked about reaction from administrators, Costner said there wasn’t “much talk” because it’s not within their boundaries as state employees. “The students were with me,” he added, noting that they actually joined in reciting it with him, which isn’t very audible in the video.

What he did was “nothing special,” he said. But he was “astounded” by the reaction.

Take a look, via Fox News:

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