‘Highest Level of Trash-Talking’ Possible: CNN Panel Clashes Over Obama-Trump Spat

Conservative commentator Ben Ferguson clashed with the rest of CNN’s panel tonight on the spat between President Obama and Donald Trump.

New York Times deputy culture editor Patrick Healy said of the current president, “He likes to get under people’s skin with not necessarily frontal attacks, but just sort of like nudge them psychologically.”

And as he noted, it drives Trump crazy when people imply he’s a loser.

Ferguson said there was actually nothing wrong with Trump’s response to Obama, pointing out just how much the current president was tying himself and his legacy to a Hillary Clinton victory.

Nayyera Haq was bothered by Trump’s thin skin and propensity to trash-talk, but Ferguson shot back that this is the “highest level of trash-talking you can possibly have in politics” and it’s not only going one way.

Haq said Trump could just “ignore it and move on.” Ferguson shot back,” “It’s a double standard when you don’t hold Obama to the same standard.”

Kate Bolduan had to jump in when everyone started talking over each other.

Watch above, via CNN.

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