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Hilarious: Ricky Gervais Shows Off His ‘Golden Globes’ On Conan

Things were bleak here at the Mediaite office a few minutes ago. After the crushing reveal that, no, a presidential candidate hadn’t had a conversation with mannequin, we were all in a dark place. How could anything be as good as that? Would we ever laugh again? Fortunately, we saw this video from last night’s Conan in which Ricky Gervais showed off his hairy man-boobs and Conan O’Brien discussed why his face had the ability to kill erections.

Laughter saved!

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Really there’s not much to say here. Basically, Gervais was mocking of O’Brien’s network, TBS, and claiming that the only reason someone would be that high on the dial would be to find porn. So then he gave those people a little treat. And fun was had by all.

Honestly, if Gervais just makes his entire Golden Globe monologue* a series of silly faces and close ups of his hairy chest, we wouldn’t be particularly disappointed. It would still be funnier than anything the Oscars pulled off this year…

*We’re totally going to be covering the Globes this Sunday so, y’know, get excited!

Watch the video from the good folks at (porn-free) TBS below:

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