Hillary Clinton Shocks Chris Wallace By Revealing Her Mom ‘Was a Big Fox Viewer’

1thumbFormer Secretary of State and current Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton took to Fox News Sunday for her first post-convention interview this morning, and  host Chris Wallace took some time off from the grill to ask Secretary Clinton some questions with a lighter touch. After asking Hillary about the historic nature of her nomination, Wallace asked about her late mother Dorothy Rodham, and as she wistfully answered, Clinton dropped something of a bombshell on Wallace: that her mom was a “big Fox viewer.”

She went on to explain that her mom “liked some of the people” on Fox, but mainly watched so she could be aware of the opposing argument:

She would get upset when people would say terrible things about me, and that was when I was a Senator running for president, and for the first two year as secretary of state. I would say, well, mom, if it upsets you so much, why do you keep watching? She said I like some of the people and I have to know what the other ones are saying so I can understand and be against it. So I think she had a very strategic reason for watching.

Mrs. Rodham died in 2011, while Hillary Clinton was still secretary of state.

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