Hillary Clinton Has Made $5 Million in Speaking Fees Since Leaving Office

According to Mother Jones’ Andy Kroll, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has earned at least $5 million in speaking fees since leaving office in 2013, much of it coming from corporate clients that could complicate her presumptive 2016 presidential bid.

Clinton has made over 90 speeches in the past year-plus, addressing groups from colleges to trade associations to Goldman Sachs. While a good portion of the appearances were unpaid, when Clinton did command a price, it was usually around $200,000, with the price of travel on a private jet included.

Kroll points out that the paychecks will help bankroll Clinton personally for what promises to be a long and arduous campaign for president, but it also sets up openings for rivals, especially anybody who wants to attack her from the left.

“If somebody comes at her from the left, I certainly can imagine [private equity firm] Kohlberg Kravis Roberts being used against her as a battering ram,” Russ Baker, a political scientist at Rutgers University, told Mother Jones. “It plays into a narrative that almost anybody left of her would want to develop, that she’s basically part of the Wall Street wing of the Democratic Party.”

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