Hillary Clinton ‘Really Offended Personally’ by Huckabee’s ‘Oven Door’ Comment

vlcsnap-2015-07-27-12h41m04s662Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton condemned GOP rival Mike Huckabee for saying Sunday that President Barack Obama was marching Israelis to the “door of the oven” with the Iran deal, a clear reference to the Holocaust.

Clinton said during a campaign stop in Iowa that Huckabee’s comments were “offensive and they have no place in our political dialogue. I am– I’m disappointed and I’m really offended personally.”

“I know Governor Huckabee,” she noted. “I have a cordial relationship with him. He served as the governor of Arkansas. But I find this kind of inflammatory rhetoric totally unacceptable.”

Journalists who were present, such as The Des Moines Register‘s Tony Leys, also reported that Clinton said Huckabee’s comments “should be repudiated,” while leaving off who should be doing the repudiating.

Watch, via MSNBC:

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