Hillary on Emails: Top Secret ‘Selective Leaking’ is ‘Not on the Minds’ of Voters


Hillary Clinton gave an interview with on New Day Monday, where she was cornered again with respect to the latest developments of her email scandal.

The State Department announced this past weekend that 22 of the emails on Clinton’s private server could not be released to the public because they contain information at the maximum level of secrecy. Clinton has been continuing to deny any wrongdoing and calling it a ploy by her opponents, and on the day of the Iowa caucus, Alisyn Camerota grilled the Secretary on how she can make voters truly believe it’s not a big deal.

Clinton began by sticking to her familiar defense that she did not send or receive any material marked “classified,” and saying that people were looking for a scandal on retroactive classification while she focused on voter concerns.

Camerota didn’t let Clinton off that easily, as she brought up how people like Mark Halperin have noted that this issue continues to dog her, and that people are saying that “something is going to happen.”

“People are selectively leaking and making comments that have no basis in anything I’m aware of, and I regret that seems to be part of the atmosphere,” Clinton said. “We need to let this inquiry run its course, get it resolved, but I can tell you, that is not on the minds of the literally thousands of people I have seen in the last few weeks and I’m glad it isn’t.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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