Hillary on Trump-Sanders Debate Idea: ‘This Doesn’t Sound Like a Serious Discussion’

hillaryIt’s cute that everyone keeps pretending there’s going to be a Donald TrumpBernie Sanders debate, and even cuter that people think Trump actually wants one to take place.

Trump said last night and today he’s willing to debate Sanders for charity, but then we got reports that he, of course, wasn’t serious. That hasn’t stopped Team Sanders from still trying to make fetch happen.

At least Hillary Clinton––whom my colleagues have argued could either benefit from or be hurt by this totally-gonna-happen debate––seems to be willing to call this proposal for what it is.

Wolf Blitzer asked her today if she’d be willing to participate in this absolutely real thing that we’re not wasting time talking about. Clinton said, “This doesn’t sound like a serious discussion.”

She pivoted to saying she looks forward to debating Trump in the general election.

Blitzer asked her again and Clinton again said “I don’t think it’s serious, I think that––you know, it’s not gonna happen.”

I mean, yeah.

Watch above, via CNN.

[image via screengrab]

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