Hillary Rejects Concerns She’s Hurting Democrats: I’m ‘Out of Politics as a Candidate’

Hillary Clinton has generated a lot of headlines in recent weeks with the release of her new memoir What Happened and the ongoing media blitz and book tour that have began this week, but some Democrats are reportedly “dreading” the ongoing presence of the failed presidential candidate.

On Wednesday, Anderson Cooper addressed such concerns to Clinton during an interview.

“To those who hear you, they hear your interviews that you’ve done, see the book coming out and think, ‘Is this what the Democratic Party really needs?’ That they need fresh leadership, they need new voices, new people entering the arena, and that by you being on the stage in such a public way, it hampers that?” Cooper asked.

“Oh, I don’t buy that at all,” Clinton responded. “From my perspective, I have a lot of experience and expertise and insight that I’m sharing with the world, and particularly with Democrats. I’ve got a new organization called Onward Together. I’m supporting young grassroots groups that have sprung up to recruit candidates, train them, run them, fund them. I’m going to be supporting candidates. So I’m maybe out of politics as a candidate, but I’m still deeply committed to doing anything I can to make sure that we don’t lose ground to this divisive, bias and prejudice and favoring the wealthy and the well-connected over everybody else that I see as the agenda of this White House.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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