Hillary Surprises Kids Who Tell Kimmel She Can’t Be President Because She’s Girly


Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday for an extended interview. In addition to discussing the Republican presidential candidates — especially Donald Trump — and what a second Clinton White House might look like, the former U.S. Secretary of State also participated in a segment with host Jimmy Kimmel and a bunch of kids.

Chief among the “Out of Focus Group” topics perused was whether or not a woman had ever been President of the United States. When asked, one of the two boys present said, “I think women are not presidents.”

When Kimmel confirmed the statement, the rest of the kids agreed for a brief moment. Then the second boy — as if on cue — said, “I think they’re too girly. They’ll make girl rules.”

The two girls sitting on either side of the little sh*t immediately turned to look at him, staring him down with proto-death stares that could infect any number of prepubescent boys with cooties in an instant.

“I’d like you guys to meet somebody,” said Kimmel in an attempt to break the ice. “There’s a special person that’s here to speak to you.”

Cue Clinton, who came all smiles as the two girls in Kimmel’s faux focus group immediately identified her. The two boys? Not so much.

Yet when Kimmel asked the kids if they had any requests for Clinton, should she become the next President of the United States, all four lit up with requests. These included:

  • Free food in restaurants.
  • Free things in stores.
  • No school forever.

Though everything the kids asked for involved free things, it’s telling that the only specific item requested (free food in restaurants) was made by one of the girls. The boys were more general, as the little sh*ts felt entitled to a life of free things received en lieu of earning an education. Good luck in life, guys.

Check out the clip above, via ABC.

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