‘His Article Was Full of Sh*t!’ Actress Who Took Sean Penn to Meet El Chapo Accuses Him of Inventing Passages of His Rolling Stone Feature


Actress Kate Del Castillo accused Sean Penn of risking her life and the lives of her family years ago when he used her to get in contact with drug kingpin Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán.

Del Castillo appeared on Facebook Watch’s latest episode of Red Table Talk: The Estefans, where she recalled her role in setting up the meeting Penn and Guzman had in 2015 after the latter escaped prison. Del Castillo told the Estefans that after bringing Penn to Guzman’s compound, the actor suddenly asked the drug lord if he could interview him for Rolling Stone, which caught Del Castillo completely off guard.

“I was just like ‘wait, this was not on the script,'” Del Castillo said. “I could not do a face, because he’s going to notice that something is wrong, and [Penn] is going to be dead in just a blink of an eye.”

The actress ended up translating the questions and answers throughout the interview, though she emphasized to Red Table that Penn never told her of his intentions in advance. She also recalled sleeping over at Guzman’s compound, which added to her sense that Penn betrayed her since “we didn’t even know that we were gonna stay there. I thought I was gonna be raped, and definitely killed or something.”

“He used me as bait and then he never protected me, and risked my life, my parents’ life, my sister’s life and everybody surrounding me,” she said.

Del Castillo went on by accusing Penn of embellishing his story since his article referenced a “checkpoint” they passed through while leaving Guzman’s compound, but she said there was no such thing.

“He’s an assh*le. That wasn’t true, he just put it there to sparkle a little bit of his stupid story,” Del Castillo said. “I hated him for that but that’s why his article was full of sh*t.”

Watch above, via Facebook.

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