Hitlier-Than Thou: Joe Scarborough Rips Trump For Favoring ‘The Superior Race’

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump continues to take fallout over his mockery of onetime Miss Universe Alicia Machado‘s weight, but one influential cable news host took the criticism a step further. On Wednesday’s Morning Joe, host Joe Scarborough connected Trump’s mockery of Machado with some of his other tendencies in order to paint Trump as someone who holds to an ideal of a “superior race”:

Whether it’s a reporter with a disability or whether it’s a woman who’s overweight or whether it’s somebody that just doesn’t measure up to what his image is of what should be the superior race, it’s one after another.

Some have pointed out the unmistakable Nazi caste to Scarborough’s allusion, but even Adolf Hitler, it appears, was no fat-shamer, according to his personal secretary Gertraud Junge:

(Eva Braun) hated fat women, and was very proud of being slim and dainty. The Führer teased her about it. “When I first met you you were so nice and plump, and now you’re positively skinny.”

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