‘Hitting the Media is Always a Crutch For You Guys’: Chuck Todd Pushes Back Against Mike Pence

chuck-todd-penceeditedTowards the end of his interview with Vice-President-elect Mike Pence, Meet the Press host Chuck Todd wouldn’t let Pence’s swipe at the media pass without getting in a shot of his own.

Discussing the recent deal with Carrier in which the company agreed to retain roughly a thousand jobs in the United States in exchange for millions in tax breaks, Todd asked Pence about criticisms that this was “crony capitalism” while also pointing out that Carrier was still shipping hundred of jobs to Mexico.

‘This is the government intervening in the private sector,” Todd asked. “Why is this not government intervening in the private sector?”

After Pence claimed that “a thousand Hoosiers have certainty in their jobs and in their futures going into this Christmas season because of the leadership of Donald Trump,” Todd responded by saying “700 don’t.”

This led to the VP-elect slamming the media as always being negative and seeing the “glass as half-empty.”

“It’s not about the media,” the MTP host exclaimed. “Hitting the media is always a crutch for you guys. It’s not about the media.”

Pence then moved on by reverting back to standard talking points about Trump saving American jobs and that the administrations is going to roll back regulations.

Watch the clip above, via NBC News.

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