HLN Airs Autopsy Image of Michael Jackson’s Naked Body

During testimony in the Michael Jackson trial on Tuesday, Dr. Christopher Rogers–along with the jury, courtroom gallery, and anyone watching HLN–was shown a photo of a naked Michael Jackson (with his genitals censored) taken from his autopsy table on June 26, 2009. Do not click on the below video if you don’t want to see the disturbing image.

Jackson was 5’9″ and 126 pounds when he died, and the picture shows those numbers in too stark of an image for many to handle. HLN’s decision to show the picture in the middle of the day might be questionable, and will likely lead to some complaints from some viewers, but they did give ample warning and it was a brief–albeit disturbing–flash.

For those of you who aren’t interested in seeing the photo but would still like details of the autopsy, In Session has a full autopsy report available online.

Watch the autopsy report below, via HLN:

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