Homeland Tricked Into Airing Arabic Graffiti Reading ‘Homeland is Racist’

Homeland graffitiThe producers of Showtime’s hit show Homeland was tricked into airing an episode with Arabic graffiti reading “Homeland is racist.”

During the filming of a scene taking place in a Syrian refugee camp, the showrunners hired Arabic-speaking graffiti artists to make the set more realistic. But while the graffiti artists were instructed to make the messages apolitical, they decided to add a few shots at the show’s expense.

One of the messages reads “Homeland Is Racist,” while another read “Homeland is a watermelon,” an Arabic saying meaning the show is a sham. In a statement, the graffiti artists said they were protesting the show’s portrayal of Muslims and Arabs.

“We are attempting to highlight the danger that popular shows like this have on real people,” one of the graffiti artistis said. “Filled with stereotypes and inaccuracies, Homeland poses a threat by not only fueling racism and manipulating perspectives on a mass scale, but further plays a role in American foreign policy and the ways in which politics are conducted in our region.”

[h/t Buzzfeed]

[Image via screengrab]
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