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Horrific: Police Run Over, Kill Suspect With Cruiser (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

The family of Marlon Brown, a 38-year-old Florida man killed when police ran over him with a cruiser, has released the dashboard camera video of that event to the public in order to prompt an independent investigation.

Brown was killed in May when he was run over by a patrol car while running from the police. In the video, one officer can be heard telling his partner that he believes the suspect is lodged under the car and attempts to remove him.

A Florida grand jury found that there was not enough evidence to charge officer James Harris, the officer who drove the vehicle, with a crime. The Brown family believes that the release of this video will prompt a public response that will motivate the state of Florida to charge Harris.

The Brown family is being counseled by Benjamin Crump who famously represented the family of Trayvon Martin and helped convince Florida prosecutor Angela Corey to charge George Zimmerman with second degree murder.

Watch the not-graphic report on the incident below via WESH:

And watch the (WARNING) graphic video here:

h/t WESH

[Photo via screen grab ]

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