‘Hosting a CNN Roast Isn’t Helping Your Cause’: The Daily Show Mocks Jake Tapper


On last night’s Daily Show, senior media analyst Hasan Minhaj called out the media for being too snarky when talking about President Donald Trump. “Media, Trump is out to get you, and he accuses you of being biased,” Minhaj began. “And we all want to be on your side but you give him too much ammunition.”

“You guys know what snark is, right? It’s like sarcasm for people with masters degrees. And snark is driving a wedge between the media and its claim of objectivity,” he continued.

“The news is best when it’s serious,” Minhaj said. “Take Jake Tapper. You guys know Jake Tapper, right? Right? My main man JT is CNN’s diversity hire, because he’s the only guy who’s not a silver fox on CNN. This guy knows how to be serious. Just look at him stand up to the wicked witch of the wild West Wing, Kellyanne Conway.” He then pointed to a discussion from December of last year during which Tapper pressed Conway on whether Trump’s use of Twitter was Presidential behavior, and continued to press her, even when she attempted to skirt the issue by invoking Bill Clinton.

“That’s how you do it. Stay in the pocket and give her hell, JT,” Minhaj said. “Jake Tapper’s at his best when he’s got those wrinkles in his forehead… When he looks like he’s spent three hours looking for lightbulbs at Home Depot… That’s when he’s coming with the facts, which destroys Trump’s argument.”

Minhaj then pivoted: “But then, he flushes it all away with the Tapper ‘tude!” He followed that with a montage of said Tapper ‘tude moments which he acknowledges are funny.

“He’s got comic chops, timing. The only problem is, if you’re trying to seem objective, then hosting a CNN roast isn’t helping your cause. And what’s worse, it makes it look like you’re doing exactly what Trump accuses the media of: Being biased.”

Watch above, via Comedy Central.

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