House Dem: This Week’s Impeachment Hearings Will Provide ‘Direct Evidence’ of Trump Committing Bribery

Democratic Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney alleged to CNN that this week’s impeachment hearings will provide “direct evidence” of bribery for the inquiry into President Donald Trump.

“Is there something that you heard in there that we haven’t seen out here that is material to this investigation?” anchor Jim Sciutto asked Maloney Monday morning on CNN Newsroom about closed-door testimony.

“Let’s be real clear, we are going to have direct evidence this week added to what’s already been made public,” Maloney replied. “That the president of the United States used taxpayer funded military assistance to pressure a foreign leader to help him in his re-election campaign. That is soliciting a bribe and that is an impeachable offense listed in the Constitution.”

Scuitto noted that a number of Republicans are arguing there was no bribery “because the quid pro quo didn’t happen. Is that a substantive defense in your view?”

Maloney said no, “it doesn’t make a lot of sense to try to give the president credit for getting caught.”

“After all, the aid was released only after the whistleblower came forward, three congressional committees started investigations, and, of course, the solicitation of the bribe is what occurred,” he continued.

Watch above, via CNN.

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