comScore Adam Smith Calls Out Tucker Carlson and 'Fox News Leaders' on Coronavirus

House Democrat to Tucker Carlson: I Hope ‘You and Other Leaders at Fox News’ Ramp Up Calls for More Testing, PPE

A House Democrat called out Tucker Carlson Wednesday night during a contentious interview on Fox News.

In a tense four-minute conversation, Rep. Adam Smith (D-WA) — after completely disregarding an opening question from Carlson on whether Washington residents would be encouraged to call 911 if they heard someone refer to covid-19 as the “Chinese coronavirus” — called on Carlson and his Fox colleagues to use their bully pulpit to lobby for more testing and personal protective equipment (PPE).

“What I really hope that you and other leaders at Fox News, within the Trump administration, focus on is really marshaling the power of this country to get the testing regime that we need,” Smith said. “To get the production of PPE and all of that.”

Carlson interjected — telling Smith that he wanted to discuss Seattle’s police chief saying that racist name-calling should be reported to authorities.

“I’m asking you point blank: How does that help?” Carlson said.

“That doesn’t help,” Smith said. “But what is more important, in my view, is how we respond to the virus.

Smith went on to renew his calls for more testing. Carlson said he agreed, but cut him off.

“I get it,” Carlson said.

“We don’t get it!” Smith said. “I watched the first part of your show, I guess I didn’t hear that part.”

Carlson reportedly was instrumental in getting Trump to take the coronavirus seriously — appealing to him personally in early March at Mar-a-Lago. But the opening segment of the show referenced by Smith was focused on China’s coronavirus statistics, which the government now deems to be underreported.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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