House of Representatives Passes Fiscal Cliff Senate Compromise Bill, 257-167

House of Representatives Passes Fiscal Cliff Senate Compromise Bill

The House of Representatives has officially passed the fiscal cliff compromise passed last night by the Democratic-led Senate. Earlier today it appeared that the Republican leadership in the House was prepared to reject the measure outright in a vote that was scheduled to take place earlier tonight but delayed for a few hours while members of Congress continued to speak on the floor. Over a third of House Republicans voted along with the majority of Democrats in approving the bill.

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Democrats and Republicans took to the floor of the House to make their closing arguments. Not many Republicans opposed to the bill stood up to speak, and a few Republicans that did actually spoke out in favor of it. The final tally on the bill was 257-167.

Many Republicans were very wary of getting behind the bill, but earlier tonight anti-tax activist Grover Norquist appeared to give them an out by saying voting for the compromise would not be a violation of his tax pledge. The GOP came under intense pressure to pass the measure, with Wolf Blitzer predicting earlier today that people would “hate” the GOP if they rejected it.

Watch video of the vote below, courtesy of C-SPAN:


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