House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Reveals Details on Viral White House ‘Meltdown’ Photo


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi used part of her weekly press conference to give her side on the collapse of her meeting with President Donald Trump at the White House.

Shortly after Pelosi and her Democratic colleagues walked out of the meeting on Wednesday and accused Trump of having a “meltdown” over Syria, the president posted pictures from the meeting on Twitter in order to claim Pelosi was the one who lost her temper. Pelosi mockingly acknowledged the photos by making one of them her new Twitter banner, and on Thursday, a reporter asked her to provide context at that moment.

“I think I was excusing myself from the room,” Pelosi said, explaining that it happened after she raised the House’s condemnation of Trump’s decisions on Syria.

“If the president said during the campaign ‘I will take the troops home,’ is home Saudi Arabia?” Pelosi said. “That would be the essence of, either sitting down or standing up, what my conversation was with the president.”

Pelosi continued by saying that the meeting was also supposed to focus on what’s the plan to fight ISIS now that America’s Kurdish allies have been left exposed by the reshuffling of U.S. troops.

“I think it’s interesting — you tell me — if we could have a recording of what goes on in those offices, because they come out and say ‘oh, this happened, that happened,’ it’s like, we must have been at two different meetings because that didn’t happen,” Pelosi said. “But nonetheless, you get these kinds of questions and the rest. No fidelity to facts. But it’s true that’s what they say. At that moment, I was probably saying all roads lead to Putin.”

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