Houston TV Reporter Caught Smoking On Air…While Covering Fire, Of Course

At least he wasn’t covering a brush fire. KHOU-TV’s Brad Woodard was caught off-guard at the very top of the 6 p.m. news on Friday, grabbing a few final puffs of his cigarette before doing his liveshot–only he was already on live TV. Oh, and did we mention the story was about an oil fire burning and filling the skies over Chambers County with scary black smoke. Anchor Lucy Noland was tossing to Woodard and the reporter realized he needed to toss his toss his cigarette–without starting another fire, of course.

Noland’s question to Woodard was perhaps fitting: “Brad, what’s going on?” Woodard deftly lowered his cigarette into his microphone-holding hand and then casually shifted his fingers to let the burning cigarette drop to the ground. Always a great move at any fire, as firefighters will tell you.

Watch it here, from YouTube:

(h/t NewsBlues)

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