‘How Dare You!’ Hayes’ Conservative Guest Goes Off During Obamacare Fight

Chris Hayes‘ show took a sharp turn Wednesday night when guest Jennifer Stefano, Pennsylvania state director for Americans for Prosperity, accused him of trying to “undercut the voice of a woman” and “making it personal” in his argument with her on the latest Obamacare extension. She raised her voice and scolded Hayes for talking over her, while a stunned Hayes insisted it had nothing to do with her gender.

Stefano said at the outset, “As a mother, I take real offense that women are being forced to have no choices that can cover their children!” Hayes was baffled at how anyone has a problem with extending the deadline, and called out conservatives saying they support the poor but don’t support Medicaid expansion.

Hayes grew frustrated as they continued volleying back and forth, eventually crying, “What you are doing is you are working backward from opposition to the law!” He said she should just be honest instead of professing to care about the less fortunate, and that really set her off.

“How dare you, like Harry Reid, try to undercut the voice of a woman simply because she disagrees with you. Now you may not like where I’m coming from on policy, but you have no right to undercut my voice!”

Watch the video below, via MSNBC:

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