‘How Demeaning Is That?’ Jesse Watters Slams Joy Reid for Referring to Cop Who Saved Scalise as ‘The Black Lesbian’

On Monday night, the hosts of The Five all took shots at MSNBC’s Joy Reid for her immediate politicalization of Rep. Steve Scalise‘s assassination attempt.

In his monologue, Greg Gutfeld ridiculed Reid for this tweet she posted over the weekend.

He then accused her of expressing “fake compassion” right before scoring political points on her show.

Dana Perino made the observation that “everyone seems to think they can speak on behalf of Officer [Crystal] Griner and she has been very quiet.” She added that they should let her recover and let her speak for herself.

Gutfeld thought it was “weird” that Reid pointed out the race of the shooter but not his beliefs, which were very liberal.

Jesse Watters chimed in and said he had a problem with Reid calling the cop “the black lesbian.”

“She’s not even calling her her name!” Watters continued. “How demeaning is that? ‘Oh, the black lesbian shot the white congressman.’ That’s not how people speak! And I don’t think the police officer would like to hear herself described on national television as ‘the black lesbian.'”

He then blasted MSNBC of turning a partisan political assassination into “Democratic identity politics.”

Kimberly Guilfoyle said that Reid is an example of “the problem that exists in this country” by the left’s urge to “label and box” people into categories.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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