‘How Did They Blow This?’ Chuck Todd Ribs Trump/Pence For Awkward 60 Minutes Interview

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 12.44.47 PMChuck Todd offered his comments on Monday about how Donald Trump‘s partnership with Mike Pence has seen a bit of a rough start to say the least.

Todd appeared on Today, where he said that Trump and Pence’s 60 Minutes interview did not bode very well for their ability to cooperate for the Republican campaign. The interview was noteworthy for having a multitude of awkward moments between the two, where they continuously trampled over each other, pushed back on Lesley Stahl‘s questions, and Trump largely dominated the conversation.

“How did they blow this,” Todd said as he characterized the “missed opportunity.”

“This is not a hard thing to blow, and they’ve totally blown it…They have yet to campaign together! This is crazy!”

As the discussion continued, Todd opined that even with the confirmation of Trump’s running mate, he won’t get a major boost in his polling since it came so close to the both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions.

The mogul picked the Indiana governor as his running mate last week, but with political disagreements, a mockable campaign logo, and a rambling introduction speech for Pence, it’s debatable whether the Trump/Pence ticket has started off strong.

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