‘How Did This Happen!?’: Key & Peele Bring Back Obama’s Anger Translator One Last Time

Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele came together on Thursday’s Daily Show as they resurrected one of their most popular sketches before President Obama‘s term comes to an end.

The duo performed sketch where Peele played Obama once again, while Key brought back Luther, his acclaimed character and Obama anger translator. Luther tried to hold it together during Peele’s address, but Donald Trump eventually came up, and there was no holding back for Luther’s rage and sheer panic.

“How did this happen, man!?” Luther shouted while kicking a Trump piñata. “Y’all voted for the dude who’s going to make America hate again! Don’t you understand this is how The Hunger Games starts?”

Peele-Obama kept on going in his usual reserved, stoic fashion, but Luther wasn’t even going to pretend like everything will be alright.

“Good luck with your health care, assholes. I’m out,” Luther said in the close-out. “I got my eyes on you, pussy-grabber.”

The real Obama might not need an anger translator for much longer, seeing as there has been an increase in friction lately between himself and his successor. The outgoing president will give a farewell speech from Chicago on January 10.

Watch above, via Comedy Central.

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