‘How F*cking Refreshing!’: Wilmore Defends Hillary’s ‘Calculating’ Nature


For his main segment on The Nightly Show Tuesday night, Larry Wilmore attempted to get to the bottom of the problems plaguing Hillary Clinton’s campaign, specifically the charge that she is not as “authentic” as candidates like Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.

“I love that Donald Trump has become an example of authenticity,” Wilmore remarked, while voters are more likely to use the word “untrustworthy” to describe Hillary Clinton. “Wait, she’s the ‘untrustworthy’ Clinton?” the host asked. “I mean, am I the only one who was alive in the ’90s?”

Watch video below, via Comedy Central:

“This is the thing that I don’t understand about our political discourse,” Wilmore said. “We’re impressed with somebody who says blatantly racist things and communicates through Twitter slams and misogynistic put-downs of reporters, but we’re repulsed by someone who is beyond experienced, extremely smart and actually has ideas that involve compound sentences.”

“I get why America is fascinated by the train wreck,” he said of Trump, “but why are we neglecting a perfectly good train?”

After delivering some “sweet, sweet love talk” to help smooth out America’s fractured relationship with Clinton, Wilmore played a montage of the most recent Hillary-criticism from cable news pundits, including the accusations that she’s too “calculating” and “thinks too much.”

“She thinks too much? How fucking refreshing!” Wilmore exclaimed. “I mean, basically, what Hillary’s being accused of as poor qualities are all qualities you need to lead the most powerful country in the world.”

“Why do we have to hold our presidential hopefuls to the same low standards we hold the rest of the country?” he asked.

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