How Jimmy Kimmel’s Halloween Prank Nearly Turned Children Against Their Parents

Have you all recovered from the sugar and alcohol congealing in your veins since Halloween? (Science!) ABC late night host Jimmy Kimmel had a particularly fun Halloween this year, as he managed to send dozens of children into a crying frenzy, their hearts broken and minds reeling over the discovery that their parents had taken and eaten all of their sugary Halloween loot.

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Kimmel, you see, had challenged his viewers to play a prank on their kids by pretending to have gobbled up all their candy. The host figured the kids would be momentarily upset, learn a valuable lesson (Your parents will lie and trick you in order to have something halfway amusing to upload onto YouTube), and we’d all have a nice laugh at the expense of children. What he hadn’t bargained for, however, is just how attached children become to sugary treats. There were tears, people. Tears that tasted of juvenile diabetes.

Have a look, via ABC:

h/t BuzzFeed

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