How Robin Williams Helped Conan Get Over the Tonight Show Debacle

On Monday night, Conan O’Brien delivered a spontaneous tribute to Robin Williams after discovering the comedian had died just hours earlier. By Tuesday, he had had more time to think about what he wanted to say about the man he considered “the best talk show guest in the world.”

To illustrate Williams’ generosity, O’Brien told the story of what Williams, who he said he only knew in a “show business” way, did for him after he lost the Tonight Show in 2010. In an attempt to cheer him up, Williams decided to give him a bicycle. And not just any bike — a bright orange and green one with shamrocks all over it. When O’Brien called him to thank him, Williams just wanted to know, “Does it look ridiculous? Are you going to look really stupid riding it? Well that’s good then.”

“I think it’s particularly courageous for someone to be that generous of spirit in the face of that kind of depression,” O’Brien said, countering any opinions to the contrary.

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From there, O’Brien decided the best thing to do would be to play a montage of clips from Williams’ appearances on his show over the years, culminating in the two men Irish step-dancing to the tune of “Fuck the bastards they can’t take a joke.”

Watch video below, via TBS:

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