Howard Dean Defends US Mission In Libya: This Time Our Government Isn’t Lying To Us

The discussion on Libya certainly makes for some strange bedfellows. On Morning Joe liberal columnist Joe Klein and conservative commentator Pat Buchanan agreed that American military involvement in Libya was not a good idea, while former anti-war Democratic candidate Howard Dean was all for it.

Klein argued about the mission in Libya:

“It’s really a stupid thing. If there’s one thing we learned in the last decade about invading Islamic countries is that there are always vast unintended consequences.”

Instead, Klein felt the ongoing developments in Egypt were being forgotten and that the establishment of a new Egyptian government was much more important. Buchanan concurred on Egypt, fearing that the Muslim Brotherhood is now favored to win an election there and agreeing on Libya too, saying “if you don’t know exactly what’s going on, don’t go plunging in.”

Surprisingly, Dean forcefully defended President Obama and the need for military action, arguing that Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi must go and telling Klein “I think we know a lot more than you’re giving us credit for.” Dean even declared, “I don’t think you stay out of these things – you can’t if you’re the most powerful country in the world and we have an interest and we have to take chances.”

Klein pounced on Dean’s suddenly pro-interventionist attitude, stating “that’s not what you were saying in 2003.” Dean attempted to distinguish his position on the war in Iraq, claiming our government lied to us about Iraq. Yet Klein responded it was exactly the same, because in both situations there was “insufficient information.” The ongoing debate on Libya is fascinating primarily because the views of so many on the issue continue to be unpredictable.

Watch the clip from MSNBC below:

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