Howard Dean: Obama’s America Jobs Act Is A ‘Brilliant Political Move’

“I think the President’s team has been rather brilliant in putting this one together,” said former DNC chair Howard Dean, speaking on the American Jobs Act with Lawrence O’Donnell last night, sounding confident and convinced that the bill puts sufficient pressure on Republicans to get passed. “It would be hard to devise a better bill than this to put these guys on the griddle,” he said. “They’re in big trouble”

The bill, he says, is “a practical bill that will get you where you want to go, and it won’t harm the deficit.” He thinks the act has a winsome name, and that as a political maneuver by the Democrats, the bill is brilliant. Emphasizing that it will be paid for by higher taxes on the rich — people Americans “can’t stand,” he says again and again — he feels Republicans will be forced to pass it to action to appease constituents. A vote against it, he warns, “would mean money in the pockets of people they can’t stand,” and no new jobs for ordinary Americans.

“All they have done is obstruct for four years,” he says, chiding whom he calls “the do-nothing Republicans” planning to stop the bill. “People love a fighter and they do not like what the Republican’s stand for and who they stand for,” he says, hoping that this might be Obama‘s Harry Turman moment.

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