Howard Dean Calls Tucker Carlson ‘Nitwit and Racist’ Over Bolton Criticism; Fox News Host Fires Back


Former DNC Chairman Howard Dean ripped Fox News’ Tucker Carlson for absurdly claiming that recently fired National Security Adviser John Bolton was a progressive leftist: “He’s a nitwit and a racist.”

Dean’s pointed criticism came during a discussion with Ari Melber, who asked the ex-Vermont governor about comments Carlson made the night before on his Fox News show. After Bolton’s ouster, Carlson had gleefully danced on his political grave, proclaiming it a “great day for America” while bizarrely claiming Bolton, an unrepentant foreign policy hawk, a “man of the left.”

“First of all, I wouldn’t comment on Tucker Carlson, he’s a nitwit, and a racist,” Dean said, pointedly not not-commenting on Carlson. “Second of all, I know Bolton well, because I have done some work with him on an Iranian matter. Bolton is a hard liner, he feels strongly that we should, in fact, attack Iran. I actually kind of personally like him even though I don’t support his views on things.”

In a statement to Mediaite, Carlson responded, “I’m not going to attack Howard Dean. He’s old and sad and looking for attention. It’s depressing to watch.”

Bolton previously served in the State Department for several years under Republican George W. Bush. But when that president nominated Bolton to be the US Ambassador to the United Nations in 2005, he notably could not get confirmed by the Senate because even moderate Republicans objected to Bolton’s hardline conservative worldview.

“Bolton is smart. You may not like him, and you may think his views are awful. But he is a smart guy, and he knows what he’s talking about. Trump doesn’t,” Dean added. “Trump is always threatened by people who know what they’re talking about. Now, I’m not sorry John is gone, because I didn’t want to go to war with Iran and I know that John believes we ought to dispose of that regime by force. But, you know, he’s going to say something, I have not experienced John Bolton as a liar. He’s very conservative, far more to the right than I am. As I wait for his public statement about what really happened, I’m much more inclined to believe John Bolton than I am Donald Trump.”

Watch the video above, via MSNBC.

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