Howard Fineman: Republican Party In A ‘Slow-Motion Secession’ From Rest Of America

Chris Matthews was interested in the impact on the Republican primary if Texas Governor Rick Perry potentially decided to enter. Although most on the panel agreed Mitt Romney was the stronger overall candidate, Howard Fineman warned that Perry might be far more appealing to today’s Republican party, despite Perry being like a Saturday Night Live imitation of former President George W. Bush.

Fineman explained about Perry:

“He’s perfect for the tenor of the Republican party today, which I think in the debt fight is showing that they’re in the midst of a kind of slow-motion secession politically from the rest of America.”

Given that Texas wasn’t always part of the United States, Fineman speculates Perry would be uniquely appealing to the Tea Party people. Matthews however, preferred a simpler description to explain Perry’s appeal and the potential decline in interest in Michele Bachmann: he’s the shiny new thing, just like the new cars being unveiled in September.

Watch the clip from The Chris Matthews Show below:

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