Howard Kurtz Hits NY Times For Article Depicting Pompeo as AWOL While He Saved Prisoners in NoKo: They Look ‘Foolish’


MediaBuzz host Howard Kurtz says The New York Times shot themselves in the foot by portraying Secretary of State Mike Pompeo as being AWOL when he was, in fact, on a crucial diplomatic mission.

The Gray Lady has been getting flak over an unflattering headline they went with this week after President Trump announced America’s withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal. The piece in question was called “At a Key Moment, Trump’s Top Diplomat Is Again Thousands of Miles Away.”

The thing is, Pompeo was not in Washington for Trump’s speech because he was meeting with Kim Jong Un and securing the release of three American prisoners from North Korea. Julie Bandaras pointed this out when she asked Kurtz for his thoughts.

The New York Times looks — I believe the technical term is — foolish,” Kurtz said.

“It’s not like he’s AWOL or he’s at the beach, the story says he’s going to North Korea,” Kurtz said in exasperation. “Even if he didn’t come back with a three American hostages, he was obviously there to lay the groundwork for this very important nuclear summit between President Trump and Kim Jong Un. So the story, I think, didn’t make much sense.”

Banderas noted that the Times was drawing a comparison between Pompeo and Rex Tillerson, but she swiped at the paper for not realizing the Secretary of State was probably doing something important on North Korea. Kurtz described it as the political press’s “fixation with optics,” and he agreed with Banderas that it was causative for Trump’s latest bit of media criticism.

Kurtz did, however, say it was unfortunate that Trump is threatening to take press credentials away from certain outlets over their critical coverage.

“To go into credentials, I think just gives ammunition to his critics that he wants to trample a free press,” Kurtz said. “He can push back as hard as he wants against news organizations, but I think he shouldn’t go there. He should rise above this criticism as president.”

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