Howard Kurtz Goes After Salon for Putting Fox in Unrelated Headlines

Fox media critic Howard Kurtz took a shot at for a digital-only clip this weekend, noticing that the liberal website seems to slip Fox into its headlines even when the stories don’t mention the network.

“Many of these headlines talk about Fox, they have pictures of Fox, but when you turn to the piece, there’s no Fox!” Kurtz said. “If you’re going to have big name headlines taking on Fox News, you might want to have some sort of argument that involves Fox.”

“What’s going on here is what I call ‘clickbait,'” Kurtz said, inventing the term. “Obviously the people who run the traffic at Salon have discovered if you put Fox News in the headline, more people will click. And maybe people who are doing the search engine thing, trying to find stories about Fox News, will click as well. After a while they might learn, hey it looks good in the headline, but where’s the beef? Where’s the story?”

Kurtz also intimated that Fox News is fine with criticism as part of a “robust debate.” (Ahem.)

Watch the clip below, via Fox News:

[Image via screengrab]

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