Fox’s Howard Kurtz Has to Correct His Correction on Joe Walsh Tweet

It was not a good day for Fox’s Howard Kurtz and corrections. First he followed up a report on Fox News’ corrections over Muslim no-go zones by thumbing his nose at other media outlets. Next he had to correct a statement about former Representative Joe Walsh, which itself then had to be corrected.

Walsh, a former Illinois representative who now has a right wing radio show, tweeted out some nonsense last week about hoping extremists target cable news employees. When introing the segment, Kurtz referred to Walsh as the “guy who yelled ‘you lie’ during a President Obama speech” — which was actually Representative Joe Wilson (R-SC):

When Kurtz came back from commercial he corrected what he called a “dumb mistake” — but corrected the wrong part, saying that Wilson had tweeted the beheading comments:

When Kurtz came back from the next commercial, he corrected the correction, clarifying that Walsh had tweeted the comments, but not interrupted Obama’s speech:

In conclusion, the Eagles are overrated.

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