Howard Kurtz Knocks Media’s ‘Sad Spin’ of the Arrival of US Prisoners: ‘This is Why People Hate The Press’


Fox News media analyst Howard Kurtz blasted the media’s coverage of the three American prisoners who were released from North Korea this week.

Laura Ingraham began the segment by showing clips from other networks, including MSNBC political analyst Steve Schmidt who claimed President Trump made it all about himself and MSNBC reporter Hallie Jackson calling the prisoners’ arrival a “staged production.”

Kurtz called it “such a sad spin.”

“The president went out there to give them a hero’s welcome to these three hostages to make it about them. He didn’t put the spotlight on himself,” Kurtz told Ingraham. “You know, some in the media have to mock or minimize it. So what should be a celebratory moment for the country, let’s face it, becomes another anti-Trump story… This is why people hate the press. It really is.”

The Media Buzz host conceded that lots of things Trump does is “controversial,” but “bringing home American hostages” is not controversial.

Ingraham reminded her viewers to remember how the press treats Democrats “when they have some good news” versus how they treat this president.

“Do you think the American people are tuning out a lot of this, given that the numbers are going up for Trump?” Ingraham asked about media bias.

“I think that a lot of people, particularly Trump supporters- but others, have concluded this president is never going to get a fair shake from the media,” Kurtz responded. “I call it ‘Trump Trama’ and we’re seeing more evidence of it.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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