Howard Kurtz On Fox Showdown: Keith Ellison ‘Picked The Fight’ While Hannity Was ‘In The Right’

In a DailyDownload clip this afternoon, The Daily Beast’s Howard Kurtz and Lauren Ashburn gave their take on Tuesday night’s explosive Fox News showdown between Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) and Sean Hannity. The two praised Hannity’s handling of the situation and blasted Ellison for acting like he did.

“This guy came on his show and then tried to filibuster it by yelling at him, saying ‘You’re a terrible journalist,’ ‘You’re the worst journalist,’ ‘You’re a Republican,’ ‘You’re awful,'” Ashburn said of the debate.

Kurtz then offered his assessment: “The congressman picked the fight. And he kept trying to talk over Hannity, and Hannity barely got five words out before Keith Ellison was accusing him of ‘yellow journalism’ because he played a clip of Barack Obama.”

Ashburn praised Hannity for allowing Ellison to “vent” despite it eating into his show’s airtime. Kurtz added that Hannity “handled it pretty well” by giving Ellison ample time to talk and repeatedly trying to ask questions. He lamented that most headlines made it seem as though Hannity was the “jerk” while, in reality, “Hannity could barely get a few words in.”

The pair also tore into Ellison for coming onto someone else’s show and immediately rebuking the host as a “terrible journalist.”

“Well, then why are you on the show?” Ashburn asked. Kurtz then suggested Ellison wanted the confrontation as a means of promoting his public image.

Watch below, via DailyDownload:

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