Howard Kurtz: The Reason Reporters Yell Questions at Trump Is Simply He ‘Often Answers Them’


Last week, CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins was banned from a White House event as punishment for having shouted a question to Donald Trump in the Oval Office on behalf of the White House press pool. Trump world has defended the choice on the flimsy grounds that Collins was being “disrespectful”, but Fox’s Howard Kurtz points out there’s a pretty good reason reporters yell questions to Trump.

He also made an observation worth noting about the president’s impulse and inclination over time, as reported by the Washington Post.

“It’s not clear why Kaitlan Collins was singled out,” says Kurtz. “The Washington Post reports that Trump has pushed to punish other reporters for impertinent or shouted questions, but that aides have talked him out of it, at least until now.”

From that article:

At various moments throughout his presidency, Trump has vented angrily to aides about what he considers disrespectful behavior and impertinent questions from reporters in the Oval Office and in other venues. He has also asked that retaliatory action be taken against them.

Trump refers to the press in total as fake news and the enemy of the people. Unless they are praising him, in which case he promotes their shows on Twitter, like he does for Fox and Friends. And on MediaBuzz, Kurtz noted that the Washington Post‘s report shows Trump’s pattern is not merely rhetorical. It represents his belief that he should be able to punish the press when they aren’t favorable, and his success at finally doing so last week.

But all deeper questions aside, Kurtz points out that there is a pretty good, basic reason for reporters to shout questions at Trump in these venues: He answers them.

“The reason reporters routinely yell questions at the president at these events, more so than in previous administrations, is that Trump often answers them,” he says. Makes sense.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of Fox News.

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