Howie Kurtz: New Yorker’s Fox News Bombshell is Like Covering the NY Times by Only ‘Quoting the Editorial Page’


Fox News media critic Howie Kurtz slammed The New Yorker’s lengthy expose on the network’s questionable relationship with President Donald Trump, saying he believes Jane Mayer’s piece “is deeply flawed.”

“[The New Yorker story] would be like writing a whole piece saying the New York Times is an anti-Trump newspaper and mostly quoting from the editorial page,” Kurtz said while on America’s Newsroom this morning discussing the DNC’s decision to bar Fox News from moderating debates. “You take the Michael Cohen hearings, the Mueller probe, the hush money investigation — all of those have been covered pretty fully and fairly by the [the network’s news division].”

“Opinion people are something else, but that’s the distinction I want to make and the magazine article didn’t make,” he added.

DNC Chairman Tom Perez cited The New Yorker piece — which detailed Fox News’s intimate relationship with Trump, including their decision to kill the Stormy Daniels story to help Trump in 2020 — to justify his decision to block Fox News from 2020 debates.

Trump retaliated by declaring that he won’t appear on debates hosted by mainstream networks in response to the DNC’s decision.

“That’s a typical shot by the president,” Kurtz observed, before noting it is not “helpful to this company at a time when critics say there is a cozy relationship between Fox and the president.”

Kurtz also noted that Jane Mayer’s piece “some fair points,” noting that the Fox News “opinion people are largely supportive of President Trump but not always.”

“As we saw when they slammed the president over immigration before the government shutdown,” he continued. “Trump does watch an awful lot of Fox News and is influenced by it and can you tell from his Twitter feed. A number of people who had roles at Fox — Bill Shine former co-president have gone to work at the White House.”

However, Kurtz ultimately stood by the “very professional and very solid news division” at the network, while Fox News host Bill Hemmer suggested the DNC might reconsider their blacklisting.

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