Huckabee Defends ‘Incredibly Capable’ Trump: He ‘Has the Stamina of Three Guys Half His Age’


When July 3rd falls on a Monday between the weekend and the July 4th holiday, cable news brings out its back-ups. So Fox & Friends featured the weekend hosts and trotted out old reliable Governor Mike Huckabee to opine on yesterday’s controversial tweet showing President Trump “body slamming’ CNN. Shocker: Huckabee took the president’s side and railed on the media reaction.

When jokingly asked by co-host Pete Hegseth about how the President has time to speak with Germany and France (as Trump had tweeted earlier) instead of spending all of his time on Twitter as the “so-called mainstream media” suggest, Huckabee replied in what appeared to be in all seriousness. “Trump is an incredibly capable person who has the stamina of three guys half his age.” The only thing missing from this aside was the “Dear Leader” we typically hear in North Korea.

When the conversation inevitably turned to the WWE Tweet, Huckabee compared it to the recent Shakespeare in the Park presentation of Julius Caesar, in which the protagonist is dressed to appear like President Trump. Huckabee’s take?

“If there is a play in the park about Shakespeare and Donald Trump gets murdered on stage, that’s okay, that’s entertainment,” continuing “but somehow pro-wrestling is real.”

Either Huckabee is willfully misleading his audience or is just remarkably ignorant. For those playing at home, he seemed to not know the the play in Central Park was not about Shakespeare, but written by Shakespeare. He also seemed to forget that the play is about the assassination of the titular character Julius Caesar, and in this play he was dressed as a Trump-like character. The portrayal of Caesar as a current national leader is a time-honored tradition.

Watch the clip above courtesy of Fox News.

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