Huckabee Denies Mischaracterizing Cruz on Gay Marriage: Incredibly Inconsistent

huckabeeMike Huckabee today stood by his attacks on Ted Cruz and insisted that neither he nor his Super PAC “selectively edited” what Cruz said.

At a closed-door Manhattan fundraiser, Cruz was asked if stopping gay marriage is a top-three priority for him. He said no, but did say that his priority is defending the Constitution, which Cruz supporters have said is entirely consistent with what he’s said publicly.

Huckabee went on the attack against Cruz and his Super PAC ran a radio ad attacking him along the same lines.

But on Fox News Sunday this morning, Huckabee said there was no selective editing whatsoever. He said Cruz may sound “utterly authentic” about social issues when in Iowa, but apparently not elsewhere.

“It’s just a matter” he said, “of listening to the transcript and recognizing it’s not a big issue when he’s in Manhattan, but it is a big issue when he’s in Iowa.”

Watch above, via Fox.

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