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Huckabee Lauds Trump 2012 Bid, But Obama’s Birthplace ‘Not A Big Deal To Me’

Mike Huckabee, the other possible GOP presidential candidate running in second place in the polls, visited Fox & Friends to talk about his new rival, Donald Trump, and it turns out Huckabee fully supports his presidential bid. Confirming that, yes, “he’s going to do it,” Huckabee argued that, while the birth certificate debate “was working for the Donald,” he didn’t intend to open that can of worms himself anytime soon.

“I think he is a very interesting person,” Huckabee noted to host Steve Doocy, who highlighted the fact that Huckabee was tied with Trump in the polls. He also admitted to having a meeting with Trump, before which he didn’t see him as a realistic candidate, but “now I think he’s going to do it… This is not just something he’s just picking the tires about.”

So now that Trump is in it to win it, does Huckabee object to the debate over President Obama’s birth certificate, Trump’s main platform issue? Not really, but he wouldn’t swim in that pool. “It may be [smart] for him; it wouldn’t be for me,” Huckabee suggested.
“I’m less concerned with where he came from than where he’s leading us, and where hes leading us, I don’t like. Where he came from is not a big deal to me.” That said, Huckabee said he appreciated Trump’s foreign policy thoughts and, particularly, his propositions regarding China. “He’s blunt and he can afford to be because he’s not waiting to see if he offends anyone,” Huckabee concluded. Not that Huckabee thinks about what he says so as not to offend donors, but “I worry after I said it… but that’s life.”

The segment via Fox News below:

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