Huckabee On Commuting Maurice Clemmons: ‘I’d Do It Again’

Picture 1The murder of four Washington police officers, allegedly at the hands of Maurice Clemmons while out on bail, is a terrible tragedy with collateral damage that may include Mike Huckabee‘s political career. While governor of Arkansas, Huckabee commuted Clemmons’ 108 year sentence for a rash of nonviolent crimes to 47 years, allowing Clemmons to leave prison in 2000 after serving 11 years. Now, Clemmons may very well be Huckabee’s Willie Horton, but the Fox host took to his show Saturday to address the tragedy and his role in it.

Huckabee began by acknowledging the “horrible and grisly crime” at the hands of a “psychotic killer.” He distanced himself from the crime by saying that his decision at the time was based on what he had in front of him, not “a premonition” of what would happen in the future “in another state.”

“I take full responsibility for my decision to commute his sentence in 2000,” said Huckabee, standing and speaking directly to the camera. “If I had the same file in front of me today that I had then, I’d make the same decision,” he said, before throwing a little jab at the media and political pundits. Watch the brief address below:

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