Huckabee On Health Care Ruling: ‘It Is A Tax Because The Supreme Court Says So’

Chief Justice John Roberts has been on the receiving end of a wave of criticism from conservatives for upholding the fine in the Affordable Care Act for those who have no insurance, for deciding the fine fell within Congress’s powers to tax. Mike Huckabee was not among those against the Chief Justice this morning, however, instead attacking the Democrats for claiming the fine wasn’t a tax while the bill was being deliberated in the first place.

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On this morning’s Fox & Friends, Huckabee noted that the fine “is a tax because the Supreme Court says so,” and that it affected not just “freeloaders,” but employers that must now pay for insurance for their workers. He then explained why it was a tax– something that many conservatives argued was not the case: “it is assessed out of your tax records… by the IRS.” He added that “they are now in shock because the Supreme Court confirmed what they already knew.”

The panel also asked Huckabee then about Mitt Romney‘s version of the act passed when he was governor of Massachusetts, but “that was Mitt Romney, that was Massachusetts, that was many years ago,” and “Mitt Romney promised America something very different.”

The segment via Fox News below:

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