Huckabee on Obama Saying He Would’ve Defeated Trump: ‘What an Insult to Hillary Clinton!’


Mike Huckabee thought that President Obama insulted Hillary Clinton more than anybody else when the 44th President alleged he would have beaten Donald Trump if the former were permitted to run for the White House again.

“What an insult to Hillary Clinton by Barack Obama to say ‘She’s a loser, I’m a winner. She couldn’t win, I would have won!'” Huckabee said. “If I were Hillary Clinton, I would be livid that the president was making those statements.”

In an interview released on Monday, Obama stated that he could’ve defeated the mogul in a head-to-head election, and that Clinton’s loss was mostly a result of faulty messaging. Huckabee responded to this on today’s Fox & Friends by stating that Obama did everything he could to help Clinton, yet it still wasn’t enough in the end.

“How vain must a person be in order to say that I would have won the election,” Huckabee wondered. “I think it’s immaterial and, you know, frankly, why would he say something like that? What point does it have?”

Throughout the election, one of Clinton’s most frequent criticisms was that she would continue Obama’s policies to the point where she would, in essence, continue his third term. Trump responded to Obama yesterday by saying that there’s “no way” the President-elect would have lost in a head-to-head contest.

Watch above, via Fox.

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