Huckabee on Why Trump Is Distrusted as Much as Clinton Is: It’s the Media’s Fault

It’s well-understood why Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are considered equally untrustworthy, but Mike Huckabee thinks that the result is unfair to Trump.

“The press has done everything they can to try to destroy Donald Trump’s trustworthiness,” he said, “even when he’s telling the absolute truth.”

Huckabee said in contrast, Clinton has been “shielded” by the press––which has essentially become her “helicopter parents.”

Now, obviously Clinton has done more than enough to earn that distrust, but so has Trump, and it’s weird for Huckabee to blame it on the media when Trump recently just completely made up a nonexistent NFL letter and a nonexistent video.

Watch above (the relevant part starts at the 2:15 mark), via Fox News.

[image via screengrab]

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