comScore Huckabee Refuses to Bash Trump: I Might Need His Endorsement One Day

Huckabee Refuses to Bash Trump: I Might Need His Endorsement One Day

Appearing on Fox’s America’s Newsroom Thursday morning, Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee said he will not go after current frontrunner Donald Trump because he might one day need the real estate mogul’s support.

Asked by host Bill Hemmer whether he’ll eventually set his sights on Trump — who currently leads the GOP field with ~20% support — Huckabee deployed a sports metaphor:

I put my sights on the prize, not the, not the rivals who want the same position. I look at this like I was trying out for quarterback of the football team. I want to get the job and take us to the Super Bowl because I play a better game, not because I broke legs of everybody else trying out for the team and I think Republicans made big mistakes in the past, eating each other alive in the primary and we have totally ravaged candidate goes up against the Democrat.

Pressed on whether this means he will leave Trump alone, despite the party’s own reservations about the candidate’s vague policy recommendations and temperamental behavior, Huckabee held firm:

Why should I attack him? Donald Trump may be the guy I’m going to look to for support when I get nomination. No way it makes any sense to attack somebody else on the ballot because we need to see ourselves as members of the same team trying out for the same position and I don’t see any value in trying to tell people what is wrong with Donald Trump.

Watch below, via Fox News:

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